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Irritech Irrigation Systems

Norseman Irrigation is the Canadian distributor for Irritech Irrigation products. This includes center pivots (quarter section and full section lengths), linear machines, and hose reel machines. Irritech Irrigation products are built to last using quality components and with the highest quality control standards.

Irritech Irrigation systems come complete with genuine UMC drive componentry and collector rings, your choice of Komet or Senninger sprinklers, towerboxes containing all Honeywell micro switches and Schneider contactors, and UL recognized thermal blocks. Options are available for poly-lined pipe spans. 


As a dealer of FieldWise, we offer their full selection of pivot monitors/controllers as well as tank, pump, bin fan monitors and even Weather Stations. FieldWise products are designed by a well equipped staff with over 100 years of combined center pivot experience and similar related agriculture experience.

They are focused on providing simple, affordable products that are as eco-friendly as possible.

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Intelirain Equipped Pivot


InteliRain is a revolutionary variable rate irrigation (VRI) system can enable your pivot to reach its maximum efficiency.

InteliRain offers the world’s first micro-zone precision irrigation (MPI) system which reduces water and energy consumption significantly. This system uses patented sensory technology which enables the AI controlled valves to adjust the water prescription to each “micro-zone” of your field, reducing waste of water and power while optimizing yields.

Norseman Irrigation

At Norseman Irrigation, we’re committed to delivering high-quality irrigation solutions that stand the test of time. Our team is always ready to assist you in achieving your farming goals and ensuring your irrigation system runs flawlessly and efficiently.
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