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Norseman Irrigation Ltd., your
comprehensive partner for irrigation.

We understand the uniqueness of every farm and the care that every crop demands. We design irrigation systems tailored to fit your farm’s distinctive needs. Regardless of your budget, climatic or soil conditions, or the expanse of your fields, we design energy and water-conserving irrigation solutions that align with your requirements, and we have the products and industry partnerships to support you. Our objective is to help our customers achieve their optimum yields for their crops while championing responsible water and energy consumption. Above all, Norseman is committed to the highest possible level of customer service and our customers can testify to the level of care and attention that we deliver. Experience the Norseman difference – where your farm’s long-term success is our top priority.

Our Services

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Irrigation Design Services

Our team is dedicated to understanding the scope…

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Turn-Key Construction Services

Norseman Irrigation provides comprehensive construction services to all…

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HDPE Pipe/Pipe Fusion

Our well-rounded team includes HDPE certified fusion technicians.…


Norseman Irrigation Ltd.

Irrigating your path to success!



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